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How qsomap determines the locations

  1. in your logupload is the QTH locator (ADIF field Gridsquare)
    • If the QTH locator has 4 digits, the centre field is selected as the QTH (e.g. JO32 = JO32MM).
    • If the QTH locator has more than 6 digits, the locator is truncated to the first 6 digits.

  2. there is no locator in your log
    • First, the QTH locator database is checked to see if the call of the worked station is present. If so, the QTH locator saved there is used.
    • If the call is not found in the locator database, the locator from the DXCC file is used. Usually this is the capital city. For example, if the call is F1XYZ in your logbook, without a locator, the location will be Paris.
    • In countries where you can see the approximate location from the callsign (e.g. Sweden, Russia, ...) the location will be the capital or a large city of that callsign region (e.g. RA6XYZ = UA6X = Kabardino-Balkaria = Nalchick = LN15TM).

  3. the country file (DXCC file) is still from the contest program "QW" by DL4MFM est. 1989 and is maintained from time to time. You can find out which location is determined for a callsign here: Callsign check

  4. The callsign/locator file is filled from the uploaded logs. 4-digit QTH locators from FT8 logs are set to the centre field.

    Display and Edit Locators

    We have now 162483 callsigns in the locator database.

  5. Error messages or suggestions for improvement are welcome, send an e-mail to my e-mail address.

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